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National Workshop On Challenges To Innovation In Advanced Manufacturing: Agenda

National Workshop On  Challenges To Innovation In Advanced Manufacturing: Industry Drivers And R&D Needs 



November 3, 2009 – First Day of Workshop




8:00-8:30 AM

Arrival, registration, name badges, agenda,  assignments, and administrative information


Plenary Session – "Setting the Table"

  • Welcome – MEL Acting Director Harary recognizes workshop co-sponsors, underscores purpose for workshop
  • Roles of facilitation team and procedures (BLA lead facilitator)
  • Assignments of participants to issue discussions in each of five breakout sessions (BLA lead facilitator)
  • Summaries of white papers on the challenges for five major topic areas


Short Break


Break-out Sessions (lead by BLA  facilitators)

  • Introductions
  • Review of the white paper prepared for each session by author – with clarification where necessary
  • Common questions that each session is asked to address

12:00-12:45 PM

Lunch (in assigned breakout sessions)



1:00-3:00 PM

Breakout Sessions


Facilitators pose common questions, thenlead discussion on participant perspectives and ideas on what's needed to enhance agile and sustainable manufacturing  Seek agreement where possible, noting differing opinions


Short break


Breakout Sessions (continued)

  • 10-minute summary by facilitator of group dialogue, progress on addressing questions posed
  • Develop consensus on answers and ideas for actions participants would like to see undertaken
  • Develop an agreed upon summary of each group's progress to be delivered back to plenary session.


Plenary Session


Each facilitator (or other representative from each break-out session) gives a five-minute report back to plenary session on answers to questions posed from, his/her group and other ideas and observations they wish to share with the plenary  session


Break for Evening


Reception and Dinner for Attendees


November 4, 2009 – Second Day of Workshop



8:00-8:30  AM

Arrive  and relaxed discussion


Posting  of any changes in schedule, availability of summary from Day One


Breakout  Sessions

  • Working from results from first day, consider possible issue additions, identify factors that could influence actions (by NIST and others) to address issues – lack of information or capital, lag in research, initiatives by others, etc.
  • Develop first-cut list of priorities among actions to be undertaken




Final  discussions in breakout sessions.   Draw conclusions on answers to questions, actions needed to address  goals of agile and sustainable manufacturing, other factors the groups feel  important to underscore

12:00-1:00  PM

Lunch  – informal discussions in breakout sessions




Plenary  Session


Final  10-minute reports back to full plenary.   Opportunity for final comments on key points made or not made during  the workshop


Adjourn  Workshop and prepare for tours (optional)


Optional  tours of NIST facilities

                                                                                              Return to Workshop page
Created September 29, 2009, Updated June 2, 2021