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Monthly Results February 2015

Monthly Result February 2015

During February 2015,the NZERTF consumed 1456 kWh of electrical energy. The solar electric photovoltaic system generated 720 kWh of electricity during the month. The difference between the energy produced by the solar photovoltaic system and the energy consumed by the NZERTF, - 736 kWh, was imported from the electric grid. A graphical representation of the energy consumed and generated is found in the year to date results.

The following chart breaks down the total energy consumed by the house into the various end uses. For the month of February 2015 the greatest energy end use was for space conditioning to maintain the house at 70 F +/- 1 F (21.1C +/- 0.5 C followed by plug loads. The third largest user was for water heating.

Energy by Category - February  2015

A breakdown of the appliance end use into the energy consumed by individual appliances is captured in the following pie chart. During the month of February 2015 the greatest appliance energy usage was associated with the clothes dryer.

Appliance Energy - February  2015
Created April 2, 2015, Updated September 21, 2016