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Performance Standards

  ASTM F45 Standards:
  • ASTM F3200-18 Standard Terminology for Driverless Automatic Guided Industrial Vehicles
  • ASTM F3218-17 Standard Practice For Recording Environmental Effects for Utilization with A-UGV Test Methods
  • ASTM F3244-17 Standard Test Method For Navigation: Defined Area
  • ASTM F3265-17 Test Method for Grid-Video Obstacle Measurement
  • ASTM F3327-18 Standard Practice for Recording the A-UGV Configuration

ASTM F45 Work Items (in-progress)
  • WK54431 - Standard Practice for Implementing Communications Impairments on A-UGV Systems

  • WK54662 - Standard Practice for Capturing A-UGV Positions using Grid-Video Techniques

  • WK54576 - (modifying ASTM F3218-17) Standard Practice for Recording Environmental Conditions for Utilization with A-UGV Test Methods

  • WK57000 - Standard Test Method for Docking Driverless Automatic Guided Industrial Vehicles

  • WK60390 - Standard Practice for Describing Stationary Obstacles Utilized within A-UGV Test Methods

  • WK65141 - Standard Guide for Combining A-UGV Standards

  • WK65139 - Standard Guide for A-UGV Capabilities

Safety Standards

Industrial Truck Safety Development Foundation:
  • ITSDF B56.5 - Driverless Automatic Guided Industrial Vehicles

International Organization for Standardization:  

(NIST supports this standard through ITSDF B56.5 participation.)

  • ISO/DIS 3691-4 - Industrial trucks -- Safety requirements and verification -- Part 4: Driverless industrial trucks and their systems - (in progress)

Robot Industry Association:
  • ANSI/RIA 15.08 – Safety Standard for Industrial Mobile Robots and Mobile Manipulators – (in progress)



Created April 30, 2018, Updated November 15, 2019