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Roger V. Bostelman

Roger has been a Project Manager in the Intelligent Systems Division at NIST for at least 20 of his 31 years at NIST. He managed the Intelligent Control of Mobility Systems Program and many projects such as:

  • DARPA Learning Applied to Ground Robots (LAGR)
  • NIST Industrial Autonomous Vehicle Project
  • USMC Air Transportable Expeditionary Crane Project
  • US Navy Mobile Offshore Base Project
  • NIST Healthcare Mobility Project
  • and many others.

Roger has designed, built and tested mechanical systems and their interface electronics on robot cranes, arms and vehicles including an automated HMMWV, HLPR Chair, Flying Carpet, and several RoboCranes.

He has over 50 publications in books, journals and conference proceedings and he holds 5 patents with three pending.


Towards Standard Exoskeleton Test Methods for Load Handling

Roger V. Bostelman, YaShian Li-Baboud, Ann M. Virts, Soocheol Yoon, Mili Shah
Exoskeletons are now being marketed by several manufacturers and yet there are currently no standard test methods to compare exoskeletons to task. The National

Stochastic Search Methods for Mobile Manipulators

Amoako-Frimpong Samuel Yaw, Matthew Messina, Henry Medeiros, Jeremy A. Marvel, Roger V. Bostelman
Mobile manipulators are a potential solution to the increasing need for additional flexibility and mobility in industrial applications. However, they tend to
Created August 15, 2019