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IEEE 1588 News Items

IEEE 1588

Kang Lee

General Information:
301 975 6602 Telephone
301 990 3851 Facsimile

100 Bureau Drive,
M/S 8220
Gaithersburg, MD

  • This page contains announcements of significant events relating to IEEE 1588. Check back to this page occasionally. An archive of earlier news items may be found here   

  • Balloting on IEEE 1588 version 2 began on July 5, 2007


  • IEEE 1588 specified in LXI Consortium standard.

    The board of directors of the LXI Consortium recently approved a resolution from the consortium's technical committee to adopt IEEE 1588 Version 2.0 when that standard is released later this year. 

  • What is the role of the 1588 clock?

    The 1588 clock typically is used in a sensor component in one of two ways:

    • To generate a timestamp at the moment the data is acquired, or
    • As a mechanism to generate the acquisition trigger by comparing the time of the 1588 clock to a specified 'trigger time' provided to the component as part of the application.

    Since 1588 clocks in all system components will be synchronized to a specified uncertainty, data or actions of system components based on these clocks will also be synchronized according to the application specifications.

Created October 28, 2010, Updated October 29, 2010