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IEEE 1588 Products & Implementations

IEEE 1588

For further information, contact

kang.lee [at] (Kang Lee)


IEEE 1588 Standard-based Products & Implementations

This page provides pointers to web sites describing IEEE-1588 (PTP) products or other material useful in implementing the standard. Implementers of IEEE 1588 are encouraged to supply appropriate material for inclusion on this page. Please provide a pointer to a web site along with a short description of the site contents. Please send this material to kang.lee [at] (Kang Lee)

The following are pointers to web sites for commercial products described as implementing IEEE 1588. NIST does not necessarily endorse the views expressed or the facts presented on this site. Further, NIST does not endorse any commercial products that may be advertised or available on this site. The sites are listed in alphabetical order by company or institution.

ARG Electrodesign Limited: 1Gbs and 10Gbs Carrier Class IEEE1588v2 switches with optional GPS and SyncE

Bartky Networks: Software protocol stack and consulting for IEEE 1588 and IEEE 802.1AS. Specializing in PTP on Freescale MPC8313E chip and PTP for Audio/Video Bridging usage.

Bustec: A complete line of LXI data acquisition and test products supporting IEEE-1588 with the ProDAQ 6100 LXI carrier module.  

Calnex Solutions: providing comprehensive IEEE 1588v2 testing and emulation solutions at line rates from 100Mb/s to 100Gb/s. The Calnex Paragon-X supports both the IEEE1588v2 "end-to-end" profile as well as "peer-to-peer" profiles. The transportable Calnex Sentinel is used for IEEE 1588v2 field maintenance and troubleshooting.

Comcores: IEEE 1588v2.1 PTP SW & HW

Conemtech: Packet Network Sync Module M50-34 - Multi Time Source Time and Frequency Controller.

Domain Time  Complete IEEE 1588 software implementation and monitoring for Windows, scalable for the Enterprise.

EndRun Technologies -- provides high performance IEEE 1588 PTP Grandmaster solutions on the Sonoma Network Time Server and Meridian II Precision TimeBase product lines referenced to GPS or CDMA.

FEI-Zyfer, Inc. offers two IEEE 1588-2008 PTP v2 compatible product lines, the PTPSync III GPS referenced (SAASM or C/A) 1588 system and an IEEE-1588 option module for the CommSync II family of systems.

FSMTime by FSMLab offers a complete, end-to-end intelligent TimeKeeper Clock Sync Platform solution, a comprehensive suite of TimeKeeper clock chain synchronization and management software products, including: 

  • 100G GPS/GNSS NTP/PTP Grandmaster II Time Server (TK-GM2) appliance
  • TK-Server for multisource NTP/PTP/1PPS monitoring, mapping and analytics (or Boundary Clock)
  • TK-Active Client for recovering and measuring multisource NTP/PTP time and synchronizing critical application servers/VMs with nanoseconds range accuracy, while exploiting NIC hardware timestamping accuracy as well
  • TK-Compliance for aggregating NTP/PTP network-wide logs and reporting accuracy, divergences, alerts, and UTC/NIST forensic traceability data over multiple years, all through a dashboard, for regulatory and/or network latency optimization requirements.

Hilscher: The network controller netX containing an IEEE 1588 hardware support block.

Intel: Processors - EP80579 Intel-Architecture-based System on Chip , IXP465 microprocessor , Ethernet Controllers - 1G: 82574, 82576, 82580  10G: 82599

Ixia Anue 3500: Real-world testing solutions for validating IEEE 1588 / PTPv2

IXXAT: A software protocol stack implementing IEEE 1588.

Korusys Ltd: Ltd has released a PTP PCI card which implements telecoms grade clock recovery as a PCI plug-in card or stand-alone OEM module.

Masterclock, Inc. : The GMR1000 IEEE 1588 PTP Grandmaster Clock/NTP Server and the GMR5000 IEEE 1588 PTP Grandmaster Clock/NTP Server with optional GPS/GLONASS receiver can also provide NMEA 0183, IRIG-B, PPO, and 10 MHz outputs.

Meinberg: Combined IEEE1588 Grandmaster Clock/NTP Time Server with GPSCombined IEEE1588 Ordinary Clock/NTP Time ServerProduct starter kit, and PTP client SyncBox

Microsemi: IEEE 1588 Grandmaster Clock supports PTP version 2 and delivers nanosecond time and frequency synchronization across standard Ethernet Networks. Microsemi acquired Symmetricom.

Moxa: Full line of IEEE 1588 (software and Hardware) enabled industrial managed Ethernet switches (Boundary Clock and Transparent Clock).

Napatech Onboard IEEE 1588-2008 Support: Napatech's NT20E2-PTP has onboard IEEE 1588-2008 v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) support that can be used for applications requiring nanosecond time stamping and time synchronization.

National Instruments:  PXI Automotive Ethernet Interface Module based on IEEE 802.1AS which is an adaptation of PTP in use by automotive applicationsA PXI card supporting IEEE 1588, GPS, and IRIG

OnTime Network: The OnTime IEEE 1588 Std 2008 (PTP) protocol stack for Grand Master-, Transparent-, Ordinary- and Slave only Clock operation.

PTPd: Source code for a software implementation of IEEE 1588.

Real-Time Systems GmbH: IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Master Implementations.

Semtech: Three ToPSyncTM semiconductor products: ACS9510, ACS9593 and ACS9550

Texas Instruments: The DP83640 Precision PHYTER Ethernet PHY chip with embedded IEEE 1588 hardware and application support.

Time and Frequency Solutions: PTP80 Grandmaster clocks

Wireshark: A network protocol analyzer available for download that supports IEEE 1588.

Created October 22, 2010, Updated March 2, 2022