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Strategic Goal: Energy-Efficient, High Performance Buildings

Enable sustainable, energy-efficient manufacturing, materials, and infrastructure through advances in measurement science.

EL research advances progress toward greater sustainability and energy efficiency in major industry sectors and across the built environment.Our programs focus on cross-cutting technical work such as sustainability metrics and assessment tools; energy and materials efficiency; and life cycle performance prediction and assessment tools.   

Through research that stretches the limits of measurement science and pushes the envelope of current measurement and test capabilities, EL will:

  • Improve building operations to achieve energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and safety by clearing technical hurdles that impede widespread use of intelligent building systems;
  • Underpin significant U.S. progress toward realizing net-zero energy, high-performance buildings with a healthy indoor environment by 2016; 
  • Deliver standards and tools key to achieving sustainable manufacturing processes and products; and
  • Support the design and cost-competitive production of sustainable materials used in manufacturing and construction, including cementitious, polymeric, and composite materials.
Created September 27, 2011, Updated September 18, 2020