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Example Architecture

Example Architecture
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The following diagram shows an exemplary architecture of SmartAmerica. Each CPS testbed connects to High-Confidence Network via a local server which includes local decision maker, security/privacy manager, data communication handler, and data warehouse. Local servers communicate one another directly or indirectly via separate remote servers. There are two main streams of communication – one for information and the other for control signals. Application scenario can be in the local server or in remote server depending on the complexity and characteristics of the scenario. Each testbed will also communicate with security/trust center(s). For data lookup/search/translation services, there may be an independent server to provide real-time open data exchange service.

Example Architecture

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Please note that this architecture diagram is presented only as an example and participants of SmartAmerica Challenge are not bound by this architecture. However, we encourage the participants to send feedback and comments to improve the example architecture to be as inclusive as possible and cover as many application scenarios as possible.

Contacts: Sokwoo Rhee

Presidential Innovation Fellow

sokwoo.rhee [at] 

Geoff Mulligan
Presidential Innovation Fellow
geoff.mulligan [at] (geoff[dot]mulligan[at]nist[dot]gov)

Created November 19, 2013, Updated June 2, 2021