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EL Career Opportunities for the Grace Hopper Conference 2015

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Grace Hopper 2015 Conference
October 14-16, 2015
Houston, Texas



NIST is interested in expanding its robotics team with someone who has expertise in human-robot interaction. The candidate will develop measurement science tools to enable manufacturing robots that can intuitively interact and communicate with human operators. The candidate should have experience in industrial robotics and processes, cognitive architectures, and sensor integration for feedback and control. The candidate will help define technical plans for developing measurement science to enable robots that work collaboratively with human colleagues, and can provide prognostic feedback to enable the collaborative team to handle task and environmental uncertainty. Specific areas of interest include: intelligent and autonomous robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, human-robot interfaces, human-robot collaboration, cognitive modeling, process diagnostics and health monitoring, performance metrics, and benchmarking techniques.
Contact: elena.messina [at] (Elena Messina)


Wireless Engineer
NIST anticipates the need for an engineering professional to contribute to research work in the area of industrial wireless networks as they pertain to industrial control systems and the "Internet of Things." The candidate will support the long-term mission of advancing smart manufacturing in the US by encouraging the use of wireless technologies in industry through measurement-based research and demonstration by implementing components of a measurement science framework for characterizing the performance of industrial wireless sensor network technologies in automation environments. Key focus areas include advanced robotic assembly and control of continuous processes.  
Contact: rick.candell [at] (Rick Candell)


The Engineering Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology needs help establishing a data culture, one that fully acknowledges the value of our data to industry and the public. What we have is a fantastic team of researchers and volumes of data – from fire research to manufacturing data, from energy efficiency to disaster resilience data. What we need is help making this data more useful and more accessible. Specifically:

  • Data Management Specialist-  We need someone to work closely with our researchers to develop data management strategies to cover the life-cycle of their projects – from data generation to data distribution. This person will develop an overall understanding of the NIST/EL information technology environment and all of the possible avenues to curate our data and make it available to industry and the public. The successful individual in this position will have the opportunity to have a large impact on our organization through many interactions with many researchers in diverse areas. 4-year degree in related data, engineering, or science area.
    Contact: kirk.dohne [at] (Kirk Dohne)
  • Software Developer-  We need a software developer to assist researchers with data analysis and application development. The ideal candidate will be comfortable in a research environment with a variety of tools and challenges. This person will be comfortable coding in multiple languages in order to know strenths/weaknesses of different tools and will have some experience applying software engineering to research problems. Experience with modern software development tools and languages, databases, secure web development round out this candidate. Current tools in use include: Python/Django, C, Labview, MySQL, git/Github. We could probably use someone comfortable with UI/UX, mobile, or continuous integration to boost our capabilities in any of those areas. 4-year degree, preferably in Computer science, engineering or hard science.
     Contact: carolyn.rowland [at] (Carolyn Rowland)
  • Web Developer - Drupal. We need someone to help us take that last step to making the data available. The ideal person will have expertise in Drupal and in the many different ways to present data using that platform. This person will have the ability to translate our work and our data onto a Drupal-based CMS platform, including module-development and testing. We could really use someone who is comfortable at all levels of web development and administration, from day-to-day support to engagement with researchers to module development. 4-year degree, preferably in Computer science, scientific and technical communication, or other related technical field.
    Contact: kirk.dohne [at] (Kirk Dohne)
  • IT Operations Engineer- We need an IT Operations Engineer with experience maintaining Linux systems in a research environment. The duties of the position include tools integration, managing the IT security of the infrastructure, deploying servers and services both on-premise and via IaaS to support research, shell scripting and programming, and providing support for research solutions including storage, backup, compute nodes, and IT security consulting. The ideal candidate is a combination of dev and ops skills, works with an automation mindset, works well on multi discliplinary teams, and is able to learn new skills with minimal supervision. 4-year degree, preferably in Computer science, engineering or hard science.
    Contact: carolyn.rowland [at] (Carolyn Rowland)

All candidates should work well in a team environment, have a conscientious and engaged attitude, mature organizational and time management skills, and a strong ability to define, verbalize, train with other team members on skills and troubleshooting strategies, and work well with stakeholders to help define and solve problems.

All positions require US Citizenship. If you are interested in helping the Engineering Laboratory become a more data-focused organization, please contact us for more information.

Created September 24, 2015, Updated September 21, 2016