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Crosswalk of Recommendations to Categories, The Station Nightclub Fire Investigation

NIST Recommendation

Responsible Community


Relation to Outcome


Standards, Codes, Regulations

Adoption & Enforcement

R&D/Further Study

Education & Training

Small Nightclubs

General Applicability



1.  Adopt and enforce model codes




2.  Strengthen requirement for sprinklers






3.  Strengthen restrictions on foam plastic finish materials



4.  Strengthen restrictions on use of pyrotechnics





5.  Increase factor of safety on egress



6.  Conduct portable fire extinguisher study




7.  Adopt and practice communication, response,  command structures, and staffing guidelines already established





8.  Conduct research to understand human behavior better in emergency situations





9.  Conduct research to understand fire spread and suppression better






10.  Conduct research to refine computer-aided decision tools





Created May 11, 2010, Updated August 25, 2016