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Construction Safety Investigations Draft Report Online

The National Construction Safety Team Advisory Committee
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Draft Report Outline for the
National Construction Safety Team Advisory Committee
Annual Report to Congress for 2003

1.0 Executive Summary

Content: A brief summary (1 page) of the report and significant comments.

Attachments: None.

2.0 Introduction

Content: A brief discussion of the act, the accountabilities assigned to NIST, the concept of the Advisory Committee, and the formation and meeting activities of the Committee during 2003

2.1 Committee Organization and Membership
2.2 Summary of Committee Meetings

2.2.1 April 2003 Meeting Briefings Other Agenda Items Public Comments Received

2.2.2August 2003 Meeting Briefings Other Agenda Items Public Comments Received

2.2.3 December 2003 Meeting Briefings Other Agenda Items Public Comments Received

Attachments: Committee Roster and Member Backgrounds; Appropriate Materials from Briefings and Public Comments, as needed for clarity. Possibly include minutes from the meetings.

3.0 National Construction Safety Team Advisory Committee (NCSTAC) Commentary

Content: NCSTAC' s comments regarding implementation of the NSCT Act by NIST as well as comments on the ongoing investigations and whether the research projects that have been undertaken are warranted by the findings and recommendations of the investigations. In addition, comments on any other implementation actions that have been undertaken as to whether they are the right actions needed to meet objectives of the act. We would also comment on any changes or modifications NCSTAC believes desirable to make the Advisory Committee more effective in assisting NIST. Finally, identify and comment on issues that should be addressed by Congress to improve the implementation and effectiveness of the act. This section should serve as the basis for any recommendations that NCSTAC should make in Section 4.0. The major subheadings are:

3.1 Implementation of the Act by NIST

  • Criteria for Establishing Safety Team Investigations, Prioritization and Allocation of Resources to Specific Investigations, etc.

3.2 World Trade Center

  • Investigation, Research Projects, 2004 Planned Action Steps, etc.

3.3 Station Nightclub Fire

  • Same format and content as Section 3.2.

3.4 NCSTAC Activity

  • Comments on Committee Effectiveness, Improvements, etc.

3.5 Comments on Improving the Implementation and Objectives of the Act

  • Objectives of the Act, Appropriations,etc.

Attachments: To Be Decided

4.0 Recommendations

Content: Specific, clear, actionable recommendations agreed to by NCSTAC members on the various topics for consideration by BFRL and NIST management in executing their responsibilities in implementing the act. Not every topic may require recommendations.

4.1 NIST Implementation of the NCST Act
4.2 WTC Investigation and Research Programs
4.3 Station Nightclub Fire and Research Programs
4.4 NCSTAC Activities and Procedures
4.5 Objectives of the NCST Act and Program Funding

Attachments: None

5.0 Minority Report(S)/Comments/Recommendations

Content: Recommendations by one or more NCSTAC members who believe they are of sufficient importance to warrant a minority position on implementation of the NCST Act by NIST.

Attachments: As needed.

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Created July 2, 2010, Updated June 2, 2021