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Measure your results—they tell you how well you are doing.

Results image showing a laptop sitting on paper showing results.
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Find out how you are doing
Track results that lead toward your vision
Track results for customer satisfaction
Track results for job satisfaction
Track results for products, services, and operations
Track results for financial performance and growth
Results - Interactive Module
Your Turn - Answer Your Organizations Key Questions

Find out how well you are doing.

  • Your organization is only as good as its results and how they change over time. Wherever possible, track how they compare to your competitors’ and even non-competitors’ results.
  • Track leading and lagging results.

Track results for trust in leadership, ethical behavior, legal compliance, and accomplishment of the objectives that lead toward your vision.

Leadership, Behavior, and Compliance Icon showing bar graphs with a magnifying glass.

Examples might relate to

  • perceptions of leaders’ and managers’ communication
  • perceptions of the organization’s ethical behavior
  • results of oversight or audits
  • progress toward your strategic objectives

Track results for customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Some examples include

  • customer satisfaction ratings
  • customer retention and loss
  • complaints and complaint management
  • customer‐perceived value based on quality and price
  • willingness to refer others
  • customers’ assessment of access and ease of use

Track results for your workforce members’ job satisfaction and commitment to your organization’s work.

Job Satisfaction and Commitment Icon showing five stars with a chart going up in a positive trend.

Some examples include

  • perceived quality of their job
  • safety
  • absenteeism
  • turnover
  • satisfaction
  • complaints (grievances)
  • extent of training
  • extent and success of workforce empowerment

Track results for the quality of your products and services and the performance of your operations.

Track the actual performance of products/services, defect levels, service errors, response times, and product/service performance as reported on customer surveys.

For process effectiveness and efficiency, some examples include

  • cost
  • productivity
  • cycle time
  • performance of administrative and other support functions
  • supply‐chain performance
Financial Performance and Growth Icon showing a chart with money stacked next to it.

Track results for your organization’s financial performance and growth of your business.

A beginning approach is to track trends in financial performance over a period of five years in a minimum of three areas (e.g., gross revenue, gross profit, and net profit).

Interactive Module

Results photo showing a man reviewing different results.
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Role-Model Best Practices

Baldrige Award Recipient

Results for two key performance indicators, “Lives impacted through advocacy” and “Lives impacted through programs,” indicate that AARP has succeeded so far in doubling the reach of its work to impact lives from 32 million people in 2015 to more than 60 million in 2019.


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