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Learn and Improve

Learn and improve—results should guide your next steps.

Learn and Improve image showing a woman pushing up a bar in a chart to show improvement.
Credit: ESB Professional/Shutterstock, szefei/Shutterstock

Review results
What you are and are not doing well
What you should improve or change
Learn and Improve - Interactive Module

Review your results.

Use your results as “real‐time” information for evaluating and improving your products/services and processes.

Decide what you are and are not doing well.

  • Revisit your customer expectations as well as important product, service, operational, and organizational requirements.
  • Assess key process paths and enabling processes; then use those results to drive improvement activities.
  • Revisit sections 1–7 of “Foundations for a Successful Business.” Assess how well you are doing in those areas.

Decide what you should improve or change.

  • Establish a prioritized list of improvements.
  • Improvements should include both steps to solve results issues and steps to build on strengths.
  • Decisions should be related to your organization’s strategic plan and should serve as input to possible revisions in that plan.

Interactive Module

Learn and Improve photo showing a diverse group of employees around a table excited about improvement.


Learn and Improve

Online self-paced learning for each of the fundamental areas of the Foundations for a Successful Business.

View all modules.

Role-Model Best Practices

Nestlé Purina PetCare Company
Baldrige Award Recipient

Nestlé Purina PetCare Company's four-phase strategic planning process has been improved over the years and validated by industry experts. In addition, the process's cycle time has been improved. Using inputs such as market research, voice-of-the-customer data, and workforce capability studies, NPPC develop an annual plan, a three-year planning document, and a three-to-five-year longer-term strategy to look at the retail landscape, refresh current strategies, and develop new areas of advantage in the market.


Role-model best practice are from award application at time of award.
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Created May 2, 2023, Updated May 31, 2023