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Patent of the Month: April 2021

April 2021 POTM Cover Image; Deformometer for Determining Deformation of an Optical Cavity Optic, US Patent 10,816,325

Patent Description

NIST has developed a device that uses multiple wavelengths (colors) of light and/or multiple species of gas to independently measure the distortions imposed on an optical cavity, cell, or other optical element that holds gas due to the forces applied by the gas.  The device measures differences between index of refraction of multiple gases or multiple wavelengths or a combination.  Appropriate combinations can be used to independently measure the distortions of an optical cavity filled with gas.


Image for Patent 10,816,635
Credit: NIST


Zeeshan Ahmed

Kevin O. Douglass

Stephen P. Eckel

Patrick F. Egan

Jay H. Hendricks

Jack  A. Stone Jr.

Technology Types

Optical Technology

Photon Physics

Precision Measurement



While existing technology require calibration, this device does not need calibrating.

Licensing Inquiries may be sent to TPO [at] NIST.GOV

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Created February 19, 2021, Updated August 23, 2023