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Patents of the Month

Patent of the Month Logo
Inertial Measurement Unit and Diagnostic System June 2022
High-Resolution Photonic Thermometer Article May 2022
Rydberg Atom Mixer and Determining Phase Modulated Carrier Radiation March 2022
Optical Reference Cavity February 2022
X-Ray Spectrometer January 2022
Six-Dimensional Smart Target December 2021
Apparatus for Critical-Dimension Localization Microscopy November 2021

Superconformal Filling Composition and Superconformally Filling a Recessed Feature of an Article

October 2021
Knowledge Management System and Process for Managing Knowledge September 2021
Phase Transition Based Resistive Random-Access Memory August 2021
Redox Sorting of Carbon Nanotubes July 2021
Non-Attenuating Meter for Determining Optical Energy of Laser Light June 2021
Mouse Cell Line Authentication  May 2021
Deformometer for Determining Deformation of an Optical Cavity Optic April 2021
Superconducting Waveform Synthesizer March 2021
Ambient Temperature Superionic Conducting Salt Including Metal Cation and Borate Anion or Carborate Anion and Process for Making Ambient Temperature Superionic Conducting Salt February 2021
Optomechnical Gravimeter January 2021
Equivalence Class Verification and Oracle-Free Testing December 2020

Oracle-Free Match Testing of a Program Using Covering Arrays and Equivalence Classes

November 2020
Low Power Artificial Synaptic Element with Intrinsic Spiking Behavior October 2020

Superconformal Nickel Deposition for Hole Filling

September 2020
Real-Time, Quantitative Measurements of Cell Migration and Invasion August 2020
Fast Entangled State Generation and Quantum Information Transfer in Quantum Systems with Long-Range Interactions July 2020
Reticulated Resonator, Process for Making and Use of Same June 2020
Multi-Source Common-View Disciplined Clock with Fail-Safe Redundancy May 2020
Created May 26, 2020, Updated August 23, 2023