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Lab-to-Market (L2M)

The United States spends more than any other nation on R&D each year, investing over $200 billion in federally funded R&D alone. Critical technologies such as life-saving drugs, vaccines, medical devices, the internet, GPS, and countless other innovations underpinning every aspect of the American way of life are traceable to groundbreaking work at federal laboratories, federally funded universities, and private-sector R&D organizations. Administrations and Congress often identify L2M as a priority to increase the economic impact of federally funded research and development by accelerating and improving the transfer of new technologies from the laboratory to the commercial marketplace. Through bringing products to market quickly and growing the economy, this initiative allows America to position itself as a global leader in innovation.

Lab-to-Market (L2M) was recognized as a critical part of NIST activities and was given additional funding to support the initiative starting in fiscal year 2015. These resources are used to expand pilot programs in entrepreneurship and commercialization, develop new tools and database resources to improve the commercialization process, sponsor interagency innovation-related studies, and fund efforts within other areas of the Department of Commerce and within the federal research community to enhance the partnership efforts of federal labs. L2M often utilizes new and existing interagency bodies such as the National Science and Technology Council’s Lab-to-Market Subcommittee, Cross-Agency Priority Goals within the President’s Management Agenda, interagency working groups (IAWGTT, IAWGBD, SBIR/STTR Interagency Policy Committee), FLC, and others for strategic direction and tactical implementation.  

L2M Strategies

Image of a hand drawing a flow chart
Regulatory and Administrative Improvements - Identify regulatory impediments and administrative improvements in federal technology transfer policies and practices.
Credit: Pixabay
Image of a group of people discussing a topic
Innovation Ecosystem Engagement - Improve inclusive and equitable access to government resources by broadly engaging stakeholders in the US innovation ecosystem.
Credit: Pixabay
Image of a lab tech working on reflective panels
Strategic Communications - Develop strategic communications plans, policies, and tools to catalyze an inclusive innovation ecosystem to convert research into technology for societal and economic impact.
Credit: Pixabay
Image showing 2 sets of hands working on some laptop and documents
Tools and Services - Increase awareness and access to results of Federal R&D for the purpose of commercialization.
Credit: Pixabay
Image showing earth landscape from space with the cities lit up during night time
Gaps in the RDD&D Continuum - Identify and evaluate barriers to incorporating customer/end user feedback to RDD&D Continuum and enable successful customer discovery.
Credit: Pixabay

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Created February 8, 2016, Updated July 17, 2024