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FY 2017 Phase I and Phase II Awards

FY 2017 Phase I and Phase II Awards

Phase I             Cadre Research Labs, LLC             ColdQuanta, Inc.             En’Urga Inc.             Infobeyond Technology LLC             Low Thermal Electronics, Inc.             MBSE Tools, Inc.             MetroSage, LLC             Nikira Labs, Inc.             SIFT, LLC             Tetremer Technologies, LLC             X-wave Innovations, Inc.             XpressRules LLC

Phase II

9.05.01                  AxNano
9.01.01                  Bridger Photonics
9.01.05                  Innoveering
9.01.04                  MicroXact
9.01.02                  Omega Optics
9.02.01                  OptoFluidics
9.01.09                  Quantum Diamond Technologies
9.01.07                  Symbio Robotics
9.04.03                  XCSpec

Created August 29, 2017, Updated August 23, 2023