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OSAC Research and Development Needs

OSAC informs the forensic science community of research needs that are uncovered during standards development activities. These research needs recommendations may be considered by other agencies and organizations when they are developing their own agency research needs and soliciting funding for forensic science research.  

For example, The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of Justice Programs (OJP), National Institute of Justice (NIJ) awards various grants and agreements for research, development and evaluation projects. Proposed projects should address the challenges and needs of the forensic science community, many of which have been identified below by OSAC’s Scientific Area Committees and Subcommittees. For more information about NIJ funding opportunities and how to apply, please visit the NIJ Funding website.

OSAC encourages all funding agencies to consider the following research needs recommendations when developing new solicitations so that research efforts can be strategically advanced in areas where they are most needed. 

Biology Scientific Area Committee

Biological Data & Interpretation

Biological Methods

Wildlife Forensics

Chemistry/Instrumental Analysis Scientific Area Committee

Fire Debris & Explosives

Geological Materials

Gunshot Residue

Materials (Trace)

Seized Drugs


Crime Scene/Death Investigation Scientific Area Committee


Crime Scene Investigation

Disaster Victim Identification

Dogs & Sensors

Fire & Explosion Investigation

Medicolegal Death Investigation


Digital/Multimedia Scientific Area Committee

Digital Evidence

Facial Identification

Speaker Recognition

Video/Imaging Technology & Analysis

Physics/Pattern Interpretation Scientific Area Committee

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Firearms & Toolmarks

Footwear & Tire

Forensic Document Examination

Friction Ridge

Created November 16, 2015, Updated November 5, 2020