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OSAC Lexicon

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OSAC has created a lexicon of over 4,000 terms organized by forensic discipline. These terms and definitions come from published literature, including documentary standards, specialized dictionaries, Scientific Working Group (SWG) documents, books, journal articles, and technical reports. OSAC may also develop terms and definitions if they are not available in the literature. New terms will be added, revised or removed from the OSAC Lexicon, as sources are verified and as new standards are published.

An OSAC Preferred Term is a term, along with its definition, that has undergone review and evaluation by the FSSB Terminology Task Group and has been approved by the FSSB. The FSSB recommends that subcommittees use OSAC Preferred Terms when drafting standards.

Access the OSAC Lexicon and OSAC Preferred Terms.

Created March 8, 2018, Updated August 11, 2022