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metRology Software Project

The goal of the metRology software project is to provide a set of specialized functions for statistical metrology as a package for the R software environment


Impact of Code Complexity On Software Analysis

Charles D. De Oliveira, Elizabeth Fong, Paul E. Black
The Software Assurance Metrics and Tool Evaluation (SAMATE) team studied thousands of warnings from static analyzers. Tools have difficulty distinguishing

Encouraging and Enabling Mutual Ownership in a RSE Community of Practice

Miranda Mundt, Jonathan Bisila, Jonathan E. Guyer, Daniel Howard, Daniel S. Katz, Reed Milewicz, Henry Schreiner, Joshua Teves, Chris Wiswell
The explosion of Research Software Engineers (RSEs) in the United States created the opportunity to form communities of practice (CoP), groups which share a


Biometric Testing Software

NIST/ITL has had a long history of supporting biometric data interchange formats by developing conformance testing software. These suites of software are


Providing automated, virtual assistance in statistics for chemical analysis The NIST ABACUS ( A pp for B ayesian A nalysis of C hemical quantities U sing S hiny