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NIST Releases Latest Software for Modeling Manufacturing Systems

NIST Releases Latest Software for Modeling Manufacturing Systems

NIST released its newest software version of SimPROCESD, or Simulated-Production Resource for Operations and Conditions Evaluation to Support Decision-Making. SimPROCESD models discrete manufacturing systems such as the production and assembly of finished products like vehicles, consumer electronics, and consumer goods. SimPROCESD is free, available for download, and has instructions for getting started. Also see SimPROCESD announcement on LinkedIn.

NIST developed SimPROCESD to help researchers rapidly evaluate alternative manufacturing configurations, policies, and performance indicators. Within a manufacturing system, SimPROCESD can simulate: 

  • Parts to represent the goods being produced
  • Machines for processing parts
  • Buffers for holding intermediate work in process between machines
  • Sources for introducing parts to the system
  • Sinks for receiving and storing parts that exit the manufacturing stream
  • Maintainers for conducting maintenance on machines according to user-specified policies.

The latest SimPROCESD is an improvement over the 2022 release and also enables users to simulate:

  • Manufacturing configurations in a multistage facility
  • Multiple modeling tests that allow users to estimate manufacturing performance indicators and their measures of uncertainty
  • Machine degradation and the impact on part quality
  • Maintenance policies, ranging from reactive corrective repairs, to proactive preventative policies
  • Condition monitoring systems, a class of smart connected devices that use artificial intelligence to detect, diagnose, or prognosticate risks in manufacturing
  • Multiple performance indicators and managed resources that characterize the manufacturing processes and maintenance policies.
Released August 1, 2023, Updated November 1, 2023