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Credit: NIST

Providing automated, virtual assistance in statistics for chemical analysis

The NIST ABACUS (App for Bayesian Analysis of Chemical quantities Using Shiny) is an online statistical software package that helps chemical analysts deliver metrologically sound measurement results. The set of tools within automate statistical procedures that guide the user through two critical steps of the measurement process: 1) designing efficient, fit-for-purpose experiments and 2) calculation of results with a rigorous assessment of measurement uncertainty.

ABACUS can perform these functions for a variety of chemical measurement applications for which instrument calibration is based on linear regression models (i.e., constant function or first-degree polynomials). The versatility of ABACUS allows users to implement different pre-defined models, via Monte Carlo procedures, that fit their needs. The app only requires a handful of user-specified inputs based on readily available experimental data or, optionally, in the case of designing experiments, analysts’ best approximation of method performance characteristics.

ABACUS brings benefits of ready-made, rigorous, and computationally intensive statistical inference tools for chemical measurement directly to the fingertips of analysts.

A video tutorial on how to use ABACUS is provided to the right under "DOWNLOAD INFORMATION".

Created September 9, 2022