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David Newton (Fed)

Mathematical Statistician

David Newton was born in Georgia and grew up in South Carolina. He received a B.S. in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science from Centre College (2015), and an M.S. (2017) and Ph.D. (2023) in Statistics from Purdue University. At Purdue, David served as an instructor, research assistant, and data science consultant. He also worked as a summer intern at Eli Lilly in the area of drug discovery. David began work as a Mathematical Statistician at NIST in the fall of 2020. During his time at NIST, he has enjoyed working on a variety of interdisciplinary projects with NIST scientists, including applications in cell counting, atom probe tomography, and phase fraction measurements, among other areas.

Professional Interests

  • Development of Statistical Software
  • Bayesian Methods
  • Hierarchical Modeling
  • Optimization
  • Measurement Uncertainty
  • Experimental Design
  • Statistical Modeling and Simulation


  • 2022 DOC Gold Award
  • 2022 CIYA Award


Decision Tree for Key Comparisons

Antonio Possolo, Amanda Koepke, David Newton, Michael R. Winchester
This contribution describes a Decision Tree intended to guide the selection of statistical models and data reduction procedures in key comparisons (KCs). The
Created September 15, 2020, Updated March 20, 2023