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Evaluating the Effects of Structural Disorder on the Magnetic Properties of Nd 2 Zr 2 O 7

August 9, 2021
Eli Zoghlin, Julian Schmehr, Collin Holgate, Rebecca Dally, Yaohua Liu, Geneva Laurita, Stephen Wilson
Motivated by the variation in reported lattice parameters of floating-zone-grown Nd2Zr2O7 crystals, we have performed a detailed study of the relationship between synthesis environment, structural disorder, and magnetic properties. Using a combination of

Isotropic Nature of the Metallic Kagome Ferromagnet Fe 3 Sn 2 at High Temperatures

March 20, 2021
Rebecca Dally, Daniel Phelan, Nicholas Bishop, Nirmal J. Ghimire, Jeffrey W. Lynn
Anisotropy and competing exchange interactions have emerged as two central ingredients needed for centrosymmetric materials to exhibit topological spin textures. Fe3Sn2 is thought to have these ingredients as well, as it has recently been discovered to

Magnetic Phase Transitions and Spin Density Distribution in the Molecular Multiferroic System GaV 4 S 8

July 7, 2020
Rebecca L Dally, William D. Ratcliff, Lunyong Zhang, Heung-Sik Kim, Markus NMN Bleuel, J. W. Kim, Kristjan Haule, David Vanderbilt, Sang-Wook Cheong, Jeffrey W. Lynn
We have carried out neutron diffraction and small angle neutron scattering measurements on a high quality single crystal of the cubic lacunar spinel multiferroic, GaV4S8, as a function of magnetic field and temperature to determine the magnetic form factor

Three-Magnon Bound States in the Quasi-One-Dimensional Antiferromagnet a-NaMnO 2

May 14, 2020
Rebecca L Dally, Alvin J. R. Heng, Anna Keselman, Mitchell M. Bordelon, Matthew B. Stone, Leon Balents, Stephen D. Wilson
Here we report on the formation of two and three magnon bound states in the quasi-one-dimensional antiferromagnet α-NaMnO2, where the single-ion, uniaxial anisotropy inherent to the Mn3+ ions in this material provides a binding mechanism capable of