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Dynamically Preferred State with Strong Electronic Fluctuations from Electrochemical Synthesis of Sodium Manganate



Xi Chen, Yichao Wang, Yiping Wang, Rebecca Dally, Kamila Wiaderek, Tianyu Qiao, Jue Liu, Enyuan Hu, Kenneth Burch, Jeffrey W. Lynn, Xin Li


Electrochemical (de-)intercalation is a delicate method to precisely control the alkaline ion composition in alkaline transition metal oxides. Due to the interactions among alkaline ions, and with metal oxide layers, alkaline and transition metal charge ordering patterns can spontaneously form at special fractional alkaline compositions. Here we show that this elegant electrochemical process can create dynamically stable structures in an anharmonic energy landscape that conventional syntheses and computations can rarely visit. Specifically, electrochemically prepared Na1/2MnO2 ordering exhibits abnormal structure distortions, charge ordering and dynamical activities. The static and dynamic structure details not only manifest emergent underlying interactions, but also can create and magnify novel quantum effects. We show that magnetic fluctuations and lattice dynamics are strongly coupled through directional charge fluxes in an unusually wide temperature range in Na1/2MnO2, which distinguishes it from all other NaxMnO2 at higher or lower Na compositions. The results emphasize the unique opportunity of using electrochemical processes to design and create novel quantum states with strongly coupled and mutually enhanced charge-lattice-magnetic fluctuations through dynamic flux functionals.


Chen, X. , Wang, Y. , Wang, Y. , Dally, R. , Wiaderek, K. , Qiao, T. , Liu, J. , Hu, E. , Burch, K. , Lynn, J. and Li, X. (2022), Dynamically Preferred State with Strong Electronic Fluctuations from Electrochemical Synthesis of Sodium Manganate, Matter (Accessed May 27, 2024)


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Created February 1, 2022, Updated February 14, 2022