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Competing Magnetic Phases and Fluctuation-Driven Scalar Spin Chirality in the Kagome Metal YMn6Sn6



Nirmal J. Ghimire, Rebecca Dally, L. Poudel, D. C. Jones, D. Michel, N. Thapa Magar


Identification, understanding, and manipulation of novel magnetic textures is essential for the discovery of new quantum materials for future spin-based electronic devices. In particular, materials that manifest a large response to external stimuli such as a magnetic field are subject to intense investigation. Here, we study the kagome-net magnet YMn6Sn6 by magnetometry, transport, and neutron diffraction measurements combined with first principles calculations. We identify a number of nontrivial magnetic phases, explain their microscopic nature, and demonstrate that one of them hosts a large topological Hall effect (THE). We propose a new nematic chirality mechanism, reminiscent of the nematicity in Fe-based superconductors, which leads to the THE at elevated temperatures. This interesting physics comes from parametrically frustrated interplanar exchange interactions that trigger strong magnetic fluctuations. Our results pave a path to new chiral spin textures, promising for novel spintronics.
Science Advances


Topological Hall Effect, kagome magnet, neutron magnetic diffraction, chiral nematic order, resistivity, susceptibility, single crystal


Ghimire, N. , Dally, R. , Poudel, L. , Jones, D. , Michel, D. and Thapa, N. (2020), Competing Magnetic Phases and Fluctuation-Driven Scalar Spin Chirality in the Kagome Metal YMn<sub>6</sub>Sn<sub>6</sub>, Science Advances (Accessed April 23, 2024)
Created December 17, 2020, Updated August 30, 2021