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Magnetism and Fermiology of Kagome Magnet YMn6Sn4Ge2



Hari Bhandari, Rebecca Dally, Peter E. Siegfried, Resham Regmi, Kirrily Rule, Songxue Chi, Jeffrey Lynn, I. Mazin, Nirmal J. Ghimire


Kagome lattice magnets are an interesting class of materials as they can host topological properties in their magnetic and electronic structures. YMn6Sn6 is one such compound in which a series of competing magnetic phases is stabilized by an applied magnetic field, and both an enigmatic topological Hall effect and a Dirac crossing close to the Fermi energy have been realized. This material also shows a magnetization-induced Lifshitz transition and evidence of a unique charge spin coupling in one of the magnetic phases, namely the fan-like phase. Tuning the magnetism, and thus the interplay with the electronic states, opens new avenues for precise control of these novel properties. Here, we demonstrate the extreme sensitivity of the magnetic phases in YMn6Sn4Ge2 through the investigation of structural, magnetic, and transport properties. The high sensitivity to small doping provides great potential for engineering the magnetic phases and associated electronic properties in this family of rare-earth kagome magnets.
NPJ Quantum Materials


fermiology, neutron diffraction, magnetoresistance, incommensurate magnetic structure, doping


Bhandari, H. , Dally, R. , Siegfried, P. , Regmi, R. , Rule, K. , Chi, S. , Lynn, J. , Mazin, I. and Ghimire, N. (2024), Magnetism and Fermiology of Kagome Magnet YMn6Sn4Ge2, NPJ Quantum Materials, [online],, (Accessed April 19, 2024)
Created January 7, 2024, Updated March 13, 2024