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A 0.1 GHz to 1.1 THz Inverted Grounded-CPW mTRL Calibration Kit Characterization in an InP HBT Process

May 13, 2024
Jerome Cheron, Rob Jones, Dylan Williams, Miguel Urteaga, Bryan Bosworth, Nick Jungwirth, Jeffrey Jargon, Ben Jamroz, Chris Long, Nate Orloff, Ari Feldman, Peter Aaen
We report a novel design approach of on-wafer multiline thru-reflect-line (mTRL) calibration kit fabricated on a commercial semiconductor-based transistor process that we validate from 0.1 GHz to 1.1 THz. The on-wafer calibration standards are designed

Microstrip and Grounded CPW Calibration Kit Comparison for On-Wafer Transistor Characterization from 220 GHz to 325 GHz

November 15, 2023
Rob Jones, Jerome Cheron, Bryan Bosworth, Ben Jamroz, Dylan Williams, Miguel Urteaga, Ari Feldman, Peter Aaen
In this paper, we investigate the effect of two calibration errors, probe placement and capacitance per unit length, on transistor characterization from 220 GHz to 325 GHz on both a microstrip and an inverted coplanar waveguide with a via stitched ground

Wideband Synthetic-Aperture Millimeter-Wave Spatial-Channel Reference System With Traceable Uncertainty Framework

January 24, 2023
Kate Remley, Peter Vouras, Ben Jamroz, Alec Weiss, Jeanne Quimby, Dylan Williams, Rod Leonhardt, Damla Guven, Rob Jones, Joshua Kast
This paper describes a wideband synthetic-aperture system and the associated Fourier processing for generating high-resolution spatial and temporal estimates of the signal propagation environment in wireless communication channels at millimeter-wave

A 110 GHz Comb Generator in a 250 nm InP HBT Technology

April 18, 2022
Jerome Cheron, Dylan Williams, Richard Chamberlin, Miguel Urteaga, Paul D. Hale, Rob Jones, Ari Feldman
We report a monolithic microwave integrated-circuit (MMIC) comb generator capable of producing a repetitive narrow pulse (7.1 ps pulse duration) with sharp edges (4.2 ps falling time). The circuit is designed in a 250 nm Indium Phosphide (InP)

High-Gain 500-GHz InP HBT Power Amplifiers

January 31, 2022
Jerome Cheron, Rob Jones, Richard Chamberlin, Dylan Williams, Miguel Urteaga, Kassi Smith, Nick Jungwirth, Bryan Bosworth, Chris Long, Nate Orloff, Peter Aaen, Ari Feldman
We report two terahertz monolithic integrated circuit (TMIC) amplifiers operating at 500 GHz. The 6-stage single-ended power amplifiers use Teledyne's 130 nm indium-phosphide double heterojunction bipolar transistors in a common-base configuration. The

Temporal Exemplar Channels in High-Multipath Environments

May 24, 2021
Mohamed Hany, Peter Vouras, Rob Jones, Rick Candell, Kate Remley
Industrial wireless plays a crucial role in cyber-physical system (CPS) advances for the future vision of smart manufacturing. However, industrial wireless environments are different from each other and are different from home and office environments

A Preliminary Study on Uncertainty of NB-IoT Measurements in Reverberation Chambers

March 28, 2021
Anouk Hubrechsen, Vincent T. Neylon, Kate Remley, Rob Jones, Rob Horansky, Laurens A. Bronckers
New protocols related to internet-of-things applications may introduce previously unnoticed measurement effects due to the narrowband nature of these protocols. Such technologies also require less loading to meet the coherence bandwidth conditions, which

NB-IoT Devices in Reverberation Chambers: A Comprehensive Uncertainty Analysis

February 17, 2021
Catherine Remley, Anouk Hubrechsen, Robert Jones, Robert Horansky, Vincent Neylon, Laurens A. Bronckers
New protocols related to internet-of-things applications may introduce previously unnoticed measurement effects in reverberation chambers due to the narrowband nature of these protocols. Such technologies also require less loading to meet the coherence

Evaluating Uncertainty of Microwave Calibrations with Regression Residuals

June 6, 2020
Dylan F. Williams, Benjamin F. Jamroz, Jake D. Rezac, Robert D. Jones
We present a sensitivity-analysis and a Monte-Carlo algorithm for evaluating the uncertainty of multivariate microwave calibration models with regression residuals. We then use synthetic data to verify the performance of the algorithms and explore their

Millimeter-Wave Highly-Multipath Channel Measurements

February 21, 2020
Alec Weiss, Joshua Kast, Rob Jones, Jeanne Quimby, Rodney Leonhardt, Benjamin Jamroz, Peter Vouras, Dylan Williams, Kate Remley
We provide the frequency response of a high multipath propagation channel using a narrow beamwidth synthetic aperture measurement technique from 26.5 - 40 GHz.

The Effect of Peripheral Equipment Loading on Reverberation-Chamber Metrics

September 1, 2019
Anouk Hubrechsen, Laurens A. Bronckers, Kate Remley, Rob Jones, Rob Horansky, Ad Reniers, Anne Roc'h, Bart Smolders
Measuring wireless devices in a reverberation chamber often requires ancillary equipment to be present in the chamber. This paper illustrates the effect of their presence on metrics that are important in wireless device tests, such as chamber decay time