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Pulsed KrF excimer laser dopant activation in nanocrystal silicon in a silicon dioxide matrix

February 22, 2016
Tian Zhang, Brian Simonds, Keita Nomoto, Binesh Puthen Veettil, Ziyun Lin, Ivan Perez Wurfl, Gavin Conibeer
We demonstrate that a pulsed KrF excimer laser (λ=248 nm, τ=22 ns) can be used as a post-furnace annealing method to greatly increase the electrically active doping concentration in nanocrystal silicon (ncSi) embedded in SiO2. The application of a single

Portable high-accuracy non-absorbing laser power measurement at kilowatt levels by means of radiation pressure

February 16, 2016
Paul A. Williams, Joshua A. Hadler, Frank C. Maring, Robert Lee, Kyle A. Rogers, Brian J. Simonds, Matthew T. Spidell, Ari D. Feldman, John H. Lehman
We describe a unique optical power meter which measures the radiation pressure to accurately determine a laser’s optical power output. This approach traces its calibration of the optical Watt to the kilogram. Our power meter is designed for high-accuracy

Why the long-term charge offset drift in Si single-electron tunneling transistors is much smaller (better) than in metal-based ones: Two-level fluctuator stability

August 7, 2008
Neil M. Zimmerman, W H. Huber, Brian J. Simonds, Emmanouel S. Hourdakis, Fujiwara Fujiwara, Yukinori Ono, Yasuo Takahashi, Hiroshi Inokawa, Miha Furlan, Mark W. Keller
A common observation in metal-based (specifically, those with AlOx tunnel junctions) single- electron tunneling (SET) devices is a time-dependent instability known as the long-term charge offset drift. This drift is not seen in Si-based devices. Our aim is

Charge Offset Stability in Tunable-Barrier Si SET Devices

January 17, 2007
Neil M. Zimmerman, Brian Simonds, Mikio Fujiwara, Yukinori Ono, Yasuo Takahashi, Hiroshi Inokawa
The problem of charge offset drift in single-electron tunneling devices, based on the Coulomb blockade, can preclude their useful application in metrology and integrated devices. We demonstrate that in tunable-barrier Si-based SET transistors there is

An Upper Bound to the Frequency Dependence of the Cryogenic Vacuum-Gap Capacitor

September 6, 2006
Neil M. Zimmerman, Brian Simonds, Yicheng Wang
In attempting to develop a capacitance standard based on the charge of the electron, one question which has been open for many years is the frequency dependence of the vacuum-gap cryogenic capacitor. In this paper, we succeed in putting an upper bound on

Sub-micron gap capacitor for measurement of breakdown voltage in air

March 24, 2006
Emmanouel S. Hourdakis, Brian Simonds, Neil M. Zimmerman
We have developed a new method for measuring the value of breakdown voltage in air for electrode separations from 400 nm to 45 'm. The electrodes used were thin film Au lines evaporated on sapphire. The resulting capacitors had an area of 80 'm by 80 'm