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Nanoparticle size determination using optical microscopes

Ravikiran Attota, Richard J. Kasica, Premsagar P. Kavuri, Hyeong G. Kang, Lei Chen
We present a simple method for size determination of nanoparticles using conventional optical microscopes. The method, called through-focus scanning optical

Does Your SEM Really Tell the Truth? Part 2

Michael T. Postek, Andras Vladar, Premsagar P. Kavuri
The scanning electron microscope (SEM) has gone through a tremendous evolution to become indispensable for many and diverse scientific and industrial

Nanoparticle Size and Shape Evaluation Using the TSOM Method

Bradley N. Damazo, Ravikiran Attota, Premsagar P. Kavuri, Andras Vladar
A novel through-focus scanning optical microscopy (TSOM) method that yields nanoscale information from optical images obtained at multiple focal planes will be

Accurate Nanometer-Scale Imaging and Measurements with SEM

Bradley N. Damazo, Bin Ming, Premsagar P. Kavuri, Andras Vladar, Michael T. Postek
Scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) are incredibly versatile instruments for millimeter to nanometer scale imaging and measurements of size and shape. New

AFM characterization of nanopositioner in-plane stiffnesses

Seung Ho Yang, Yong Sik Kim, Premsagar P. Kavuri, Jae M. Yoo, Young M. Choi, Nicholas G. Dagalakis
A versatile method for measurement of in-plane stiffness of micro-elements was developed and its usefulness has been demonstrated. The in-plane stiffness of a