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Nanoparticle Size and Shape Evaluation Using the TSOM Method



Bradley N. Damazo, Ravikiran Attota, Premsagar P. Kavuri, Andras Vladar


A novel through-focus scanning optical microscopy (TSOM) method that yields nanoscale information from optical images obtained at multiple focal planes will be used here for nanoparticle dimensional analysis. The TSOM method can distinguish not only size differences but also shape differences among nanoparticles. Size evaluation based on simulations will be presented along with experimental data for nanoparticles and nanodots with sizes below 100 nm. Size determination using an experimentally created library will also be presented.
Proceedings Title
Metrology, Inspection,and Process Control for Microlithography XXVI
Conference Dates
February 12-17, 2012
Conference Location
San Jose, CA
Conference Title
SPIE Advanced Lithography


TSOM, optical microscope, through-focus, nanoparticles, nanometrology
Created June 1, 2012, Updated February 19, 2017