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A Hyperspectral Image Projector for Hyperspectral Imagers

Joseph P. Rice, Steven W. Brown, Jorge E. Neira, Robert R. Bousquet
We have developed and demonstrated a Hyperspectral Image Projector (HIP) intended for system-level validation testing of hyperspectral imagers, including the

Development of Hyperspectral Image Projectors

Joseph P. Rice, Steven W. Brown, Jorge E. Neira
We present design concepts for calibrated hyperspectral image projectors (HIP) and related sources intended for system-level testing of instruments ranging from

Spectrally Tunable Sources for Advanced Radiometric Applications

Steven W. Brown, Joseph P. Rice, J D. Jackson, Jorge E. Neira, Bettye C. Johnson
A common radiometric platform for the development of application-specific metrics to quantify the performance of sensors and systems is described. Using this

Hyperspectral Image Projectors for Radiometric Applications

Joseph P. Rice, Steven W. Brown, Bettye C. Johnson, Jorge E. Neira
We describe a new type of Calibrated Hyperspectral Image Projector (CHIP) intended for radiometric testing of instruments ranging from complex hyperspectral or

Flow visualization of heated CO2 gas using thermal imaging

Joseph P. Rice, Howard W. Yoon, M H. Brenner, N R. Briggs, J G. Gillen
Walk-through portal detection systems are being developed to screen passengers for the presence of explosives in support of homeland security. These portals

The NIST EOS Thermal-Infrared Transfer Radiometer

Joseph P. Rice, Bettye C. Johnson
A portable thermal infrared transfer radiometer (TXR) has been developed for use in comparisons and scale verifications of sources used to calibrate thermal-