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Evaluation of a Portable Hyperspectral Imager for Medical Imaging Applications



David W. Allen, Maritoni A. Litorja, Steven W. Brown, Joseph P. Rice, Yuqin Zong


Portable hyperspectral imagers are becoming commonly available as a commercial product. A liquid crystal tunable filter based CCD imager was evaluated and characterized for spectral stray light using a tunable laser facility. The hyperspectral imager is currently being used to investigate the use of hyperspectral imaging in medical applications. This paper discusses the imager design and performance, the characterization of this system, and medical imaging as a related application. Imagers of this type may be fundamental to transferring optical scales using a hyperspectral image projector. The use of the hyperspectral imager for use with a hyperspectral image projector is also discussed.
Proceedings Title
Proceedings of the SPIE| Optics East 2007 |
SPIE Vol. 6765
Conference Dates
September 9-12, 2007
Conference Title


calibration, hyperspectral, medical imaging, stray light
Created October 2, 2007, Updated November 10, 2018