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The IEEE TC-10 Standards: Update 2019

Nicholas G. Paulter Jr., Sergio Rapuano, Luca De Vito, John R. Jendzurski, W. B. Boyer, S. J. Tilden
There is a global need to standardize the terms and the test and computational methods that are used to describe and/or measure the parameters that characterize

Electroshock Weapon Measurements

Nicholas G. Paulter Jr., David M. Jenkins, Norimitsu Ichikawa
Electroshock weapons (ESWs) are a commonly used tool in the escalation of force arsenal for law enforcement and the military around the world. ESWs function by

Long-Term Stability of UHMWPE Fibers

Amanda L. Forster, Aaron M. Forster, Joannie W. Chin, Chiao-Chi Lin, Sylvain H. Petit, Kai-Li Kang, Nicholas G. Paulter Jr., Michael A. Riley, Kirk D. Rice
The superior performance of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fi bers is predicated on the development of a highly aligned molecular structure that

Natural Scene Statistics in Infrared Images

Nicholas G. Paulter Jr., Todd R. Goodall, Alan C. Bovik
Natural Scene Statistics (NSS) produces powerful perceptually relevant tools that have been highly successful in image quality analysis of visible light images

Standoff passive video imaging at 350 GHz with 251 superconducting detectors

Daniel T. Becker, James A. Beall, Hsiao-Mei Cho, Gene C. Hilton, Nicholas G. Paulter Jr., Carl D. Reintsema, Robert E. Schwall, Cale Gentry, Ilya Smirnov, Peter Ade, W D. Duncan, Mark Halpern, Carole Tucker
Millimeter wavelength radiation holds promise for detection of security threats at a distance, including suicide bomb belts and maritime threats in poor weather

A Generative Model for Fingerprint Minutiae

Melissa K. Taylor, Nicholas G. Paulter Jr., Qijun Zhao, Yi Zhang, Anil K. Jain
Fingerprint minutiae are the most important features used by latent fingerprint examiners, as well as in automated fingerprint recognition systems. Hence

Pulse Metrology, Part II

Nicholas G. Paulter Jr., Donald R. Larson
Pulse metrology refers to the science of the measurement of pulses, which are transient phenomena. This article describes concepts important for pulse metrology