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Comparison of the Measurement Uncertainties and Errors for the Waveform State Levels Estimated Using the Histogram Mode and Shorth Methods



Nicholas G. Paulter Jr.


State levels are a fundamental waveform parameter that are essential for the computation of most other waveform parameters. The histogram-mode method has been the mainstay for the estimation of state level and the shorth method was introduced as a potentially more accurate estimator. A comparison of the errors and measurement uncertainties in the values of state level that are computed using the histogram-mode method and the shorth method are presented. The effects of noise and aberrations in this comparison are included. The performance of these methods depends on the types and magnitude of the noise and aberrations.
Technical Note (NIST TN) - 2036
Report Number


documentary standards, histogram, measurement uncertainty, mode, shorth, state, state level, waveform, waveform parameter, uncertainty
Created February 21, 2019