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Development of test methods to rigorously, reproducibly, and accurately measure the detection performance of walk-through metal detectors



Nicholas G. Paulter Jr.


Walk-through metal detectors (WTMDs) are a primary tool for detection of concealed metal contraband and threat items on a person. They are found at almost all security checkpoint stations worldwide. It is important for security that the ability to assess the detection performance of WTMDs is done rigorously, accurately, and reproducibly. Current standardized test methods do not provide this capability. Moreover, exhaustive testing would be prohibitively expensive and slow. A test method, test objects, and their rationale, are described here that can be used to accurately and reproducibly measure the detection performance of a WTMD while rigorously exercising its detection capability.
ASTM Journal of Testing and Evaluation


baseline technical performance, human motion, rectilinear scan, reproducibility, test methods, walk- through metal detector, WTMD
Created March 1, 2020, Updated April 26, 2020