Community Risk Ratings for the FireCARES System

October 15, 2018
Stanley W. Gilbert
The FireCARES project is a web-based tool intended to help fire departments effectively match resources to community risk. Among other things that includes...

Blockchain Technology Overview

October 03, 2018
Dylan J. Yaga, Peter M. Mell, Nik Roby, Karen Scarfone
Blockchains are tamper evident and tamper resistant digital ledgers implemented in a distributed fashion (i.e., without a central repository) and usually...

Programmers Guide to the BACnet Communications DLL

October 01, 2018
Michael A. Galler
The BACnet standard defines a communication protocol for information exchange between components of a distributed building automation and control system. The...

ABC's of Conformity Assessment

September 30, 2018
Lisa J. Carnahan, Amy L. Phelps
The Standards Coordination Office periodically publishes information related to standards and conformity assessment as a service to producers and users of such...