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The objective for this companion Roadmap to the Privacy Framework is to support continued collaboration between NIST and stakeholders from across government, academia, and industry on privacy risk management. It discusses priority areas that pose challenges to organizations in achieving their privacy objectives. These important, evolving areas require continued focus or further research and development to advance the evolution of the Privacy Framework; promote a well-functioning data processing ecosystem; and expand the body of standards, guidance, practices, and tools supporting privacy risk management. While this list is not intended to be exhaustive, these are important topics based on input and feedback received from stakeholders throughout the Framework development process.  

Areas for Development, Alignment and Collaboration 

The following priority areas describe key challenges and some initial activities that can be undertaken to address them:

  • Privacy Risk Assessment
  • Mechanisms to Provide Confidence
  • Emerging Technologies
  • De-Identification Techniques and Re-identification Risks
  • Inventory and Mapping
  • Technical Standards
  • Privacy Workforce
  • International and Regulatory Aspects, Impacts and Alignment

Roadmap (PDF)

Created January 8, 2020, Updated January 23, 2020