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Learning Center

Welcome to the NIST Privacy Framework Learning Center. We offer a variety of videos, guides, and use cases to help you get started with the Privacy Framework.  

Quick Start Guide

NIST has heard consistently that small and medium businesses would benefit from dedicated resources aimed at facilitating Privacy Framework implementation. To help meet this need, NIST developed this quick start guide to help any organization get a risk-based privacy program off the ground or improve an existing one. 

Quick Start Guide-English (PDF) Quick Start Guide-Portuguese (PDF) Quick Start Guide-Spanish (PDF)

Interested in a quick start guide for the Cybersecurity Framework? Check out the Cybersecurity Framework 2.0 Small Business Quick Start Guide. To browse additional resources, visit NIST’s Small Business Cybersecurity Corner.


Privacy Framework privacy trust

Building Trust with the NIST Privacy Framework


Take a journey through Our Corp’s animated world to learn how Privacy Framework adoption can build trust in products, services, and much more.


Privacy Framework

NIST Privacy Framework Highlights


Explore the main components of the Privacy Framework and learn how some organizations are using it in practice. 


Privacy Framework Structure

NIST Privacy Framework 101


For those interested in a more comprehensive learning experience, this deep dive is loaded with information about every part of the Privacy Framework. 


X Marks the Spot Privacy Framework

X Marks the Spot: Using NIST Privacy Framework Regulatory Crosswalks to Integrate Compliance and Risk Management


Learn how your organization can use regulatory crosswalks to implement the NIST Privacy Framework and integrate compliance and risk management efforts.

Hypothetical Use Cases

NIST has developed these hypothetical use cases to improve understanding of how to develop Profiles to increase collaboration and dialogue across organizations and support risk-based decisions. If you’d like to share a real implementation success story, privacyframework [at] (contact us).

See Hypothetical Use Cases

Resource Repository

The Privacy Framework Resource Repository contains resources to support organizations’ use of the Privacy Framework. Resources include crosswalks, common Profiles, guidelines, and tools. NIST encourages new contributions and feedback on these resources as part of the ongoing collaborative effort to improve implementation of the Privacy Framework.

Visit the Repository

Created January 13, 2021, Updated June 4, 2024