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PII Inventory Dashboard




Resource Identifier: PII Inventory Dashboard
Guidance/Tool Name: PII Inventory Dashboard
Associated Core Classification: Specific Subcategories: ID.IM-P1 and ID.IM-P6
Contributor: 18F
Contributor GitHub Username: @ondrae, @peterrowland, @igorkorenfeld, @nikzei
Date First Posted: April 9, 2020
Date Last Verified or Updated: April 27, 2021
Related Documentation: Project Repository | Presentation at the Federal Privacy Council's AIC meeting on 3/24/20: slides and video
Contributor Notes: Privacy offices are burdened with managing compliance paperwork, which reduces their bandwidth for proactive efforts to protect the public’s privacy. This searchable PII inventory was created by a team at 18F to give privacy offices some time back. Here are some activities that this inventory would speed up:

  • finding information about PII from PIAs and SORNs
  • understanding the landscape of PII that you manage
  • producing an inventory as per OMB Circular A-130 requirements
  • improving PII collection practices by system owners
  • minimize PII collection to only that which is legally authorized/mission-essential

Our tool processes GSA’s collection of PIA and SORN documents (PDF and XML) and creates an organized and searchable list of systems and the PII they collect.

This PII inventory is a collaboration between 18F and GSA’s Privacy Office. It received funding by GSA’s 10x program.

If you are interested in using our tool to create a PII inventory for your agency please reach out to us at privacy_devops [at] (privacy_devops[at]gsa[dot]gov) or on Github. We are happy to advise you on how to fork the repository if your team needs help. If you don’t have in-house capacity, 18F is a digital consultancy and we’re also available to work with you implement a PII inventory for your agency.

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Created April 8, 2020, Updated April 29, 2021