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Show leadership in privacy by adopting the Privacy Framework to support:

  • Building customers’ trust by supporting ethical decision-making in product and service design or deployment that optimizes beneficial uses of data while minimizing adverse consequences for individuals’ privacy and society as a whole;
  • Fulfilling current compliance obligations, as well as future-proofing products and services to meet these obligations in a changing technological and policy environment; and
  • Facilitating communication about privacy practices with individuals, business partners, assessors, and regulators.

So you’ve adopted the Framework: what’s next?

  • Show your support. To share a supportive quote that NIST can publish on the Perspectives page, privacyframework [at] (contact us).
  • Help the community. Contribute crosswalks, common Profiles, guidelines, and tools supporting Framework implementation to the Resource Repository.
  • Share feedback to inform future versions. To provide implementation feedback or share an implementation success story, privacyframework [at] (contact us).
Created January 8, 2020, Updated January 13, 2021