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LINDDUN privacy threat modeling framework




Resource Identifier: LINDDUN privacy threat modeling framework
Guidance/Tool Name: LINDDUN privacy threat modeling framework
Associated Core Classification: Specific Subcategories: ID.RA-P3, ID.RA-P4, ID.RA-P5
Contributor: imec-DistriNet, KU Leuven
Contributor GitHub Username: @kimwuyts
Date First Posted: February 12, 2020
Date Last Verified or Updated: n/a
Related Documentation:
Contributor Notes: The LINDDUN threat modeling framework provides support to systematically elicit and mitigate privacy threats in software architectures. The more light-weight LINDDUN GO toolkit primarily focuses on the identification of privacy threats (ID.RA-P3).

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Created February 12, 2020, Updated March 19, 2020