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Show leadership in privacy by adopting the Privacy Framework to support:

  • Building customers’ trust by supporting ethical decision-making in product and service design or deployment that optimizes beneficial uses of data while minimizing adverse consequences for individuals’ privacy and society as a whole;
  • Fulfilling current compliance obligations, as well as future-proofing products and services to meet these obligations in a changing technological and policy environment; and
  • Facilitating communication about privacy practices with individuals, business partners, assessors, and regulators.

The Framework can help you answer the fundamental question, “How are we considering the privacy impacts to individuals as we develop our systems, products, and services?” To account for the unique needs of your organization, use of the Framework is flexible, although it is designed to complement existing business and system development operations. For example, if you already have robust privacy risk management processes, you might use the Core’s five Functions as a streamlined way to analyze and articulate any gaps. Alternatively, if your organization is seeking to establish a privacy program, you can use the Core’s Categories and Subcategories as a reference. For a more in depth look at some of the ways you can use it, see Section 3 of the Framework.


Hypothetical Use Cases

NIST has developed these hypothetical use cases to improve understanding of how to develop Profiles to increase collaboration and dialogue across organizations and support risk-based decisions. If you’d like to share a real implementation success story, contact us.

See Hypothetical Use Cases

Resource Repository

The Privacy Framework Resource Repository contains resources to support organizations’ use of the Privacy Framework. Resources include crosswalks, common Profiles, guidance, and tools. NIST encourages new contributions and feedback on these resources as part of the ongoing collaborative effort to improve implementation of the Privacy Framework.

Visit the Repository

So you’ve adopted the Framework: what’s next?

  • Show your support. To share a supportive quote that NIST can publish, contact us.
  • Help the community. Contribute crosswalks, common Profiles, and guidance and tools supporting Framework implementation to the Resource Repository.
  • Share feedback to inform future versions. To provide implementation feedback or share an implementation success story, contact us.


See what stakeholders have to say about the importance of the NIST Privacy Framework and the benefits of adopting this enterprise risk management tool.

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Interested in learning more?

Check out our frequently asked questions about using the NIST Privacy Framework for more information.

See Framework Use FAQs

Created January 8, 2020, Updated July 16, 2020