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Researcher Associate Position: Metrology for Integration of New Magnetic Materials

Researcher Associate Position at NIST in Boulder, Colorado


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) anticipates the need for a Researcher Associate in high-frequency microelectronic applications of magnetic nanoparticles. Magnetic nanoparticles have the potential to reduce cost, size, and power dissipation in microelectronic architectures at frequencies ranging from 1 MHz to 100 GHz. The researcher will synthesize magnetic nanomaterials and incorporate these materials into composites using both top-down and bottom-up approaches, to produce engineered electromagnetic responses at relevant frequencies. The researcher will also characterize the AC and DC permeability of these materials across a range of magnetic fields strengths and temperatures. Additionally, the researcher will develop microfabrication schemes for patterning nanocomposite materials on length scales relevant for chip-scale devices, and construct test circuits for performing measurements at these scales. The position has a starting salary of $80,665.

Applicants should have relevant experience with some of these:

  • Synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles
  • Low-frequency and/or high-frequency magnetometry
  • Micropatterning of magnetic materials in a cleanroom environment
  • Data analysis with a modern programming language

The Researcher Associate is a full-time physical scientist (Series 1301) ZP-III position with a salary range of $80,665 to $125,685 per year. The opportunity is located at NIST in Boulder, CO. The Department of Commerce is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


An Applicant must have a degree in physical science, engineering, or mathematics that included 24 semester hours in physical science and/or related engineering science such as mechanics, dynamics, properties of materials, and electronics. 


Combination of education and experience -- education equivalent to one of the majors shown in A above that included at least 24 semester hours in physical science and/or related engineering science, plus appropriate experience or additional education. 

In addition, applicants must meet the following specialized experience requirements: at least 1 year (52 weeks) of specialized experience equivalent to at least the GS-9 (ZP-II at NIST) level. Specialized experience is defined as: experience developing and/or characterizing magnetic nanomaterials. 


Master’s equivalent graduate degree.

Conditions of Employment

  • U.S. Citizenship Required.
  • Suitable for Federal employment, as determined by background investigation.

Appointment up to 4 years. Please send expressions of interest to samuel.oberdick [at] (samuel[dot]oberdick[at]nist[dot]gov) and ron.goldfarb [at] (ron[dot]goldfarb[at]nist[dot]gov).

When a position is available, a vacancy announcement will be posted on WWW.USAJOBS.GOV.

Created March 4, 2024, Updated March 7, 2024