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Material Measurement Laboratory Divisions

Applied Chemicals and Materials Division

Our Division, based in Boulder, CO, characterizes the properties and structures of industrially important fluids and materials. Our work provides a diverse stakeholder community with innovative measurements and models and dissemination of critically evaluated data, leading to improved processes and

Biomolecular Measurement Division

The Biomolecular Measurement Division provides the measurement science, standards, technology, and data required to support the nation’s needs in determining the composition, structure, quantity, and function of biomolecules.

Biosystems and Biomaterials Division

BBD's mission is to foster innovation and build confidence in quantitative biology and biomaterial measurements across government and industry in support of the bio-economy.

Chemical Sciences Division

Nearly every aspect of our high quality of life—the health care that brings us into the world, the food, vitamins, and medicines that sustain us, and the consumer products we enjoy and rely upon—depends on chemistry.

Materials Measurement Science Division

The Materials Measurement Science Division provides the measurement science, standards, and technology required to enable the discovery and development of next-generation materials.

Materials Science and Engineering Division

We provide the measurement science, standards, technology, and data required to support the Nation’s need to design, develop, manufacture, and use materials. We foster innovation and confidence in measurements needed to advance technology and facilitate manufacturing in industrial sectors such as

Office of Data and Informatics

NIST's Office of Data and Informatics is a premier, pioneering resource for researchers and institutions in the physical sciences with domain expertise in biological, chemical, and materials sciences, specializing in large and information-rich data sets now common in many disciplines.

Office of Reference Materials

Industry, government, and academia use the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) reference materials to ensure the highest quality measurements. NIST Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) are key tools for verifying important measurement results, developing new measurement methods, and