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Information Technology Laboratory Divisions

Applied Cybersecurity Division

We implement practical cybersecurity and privacy through outreach and effective application of standards and best practices necessary for the U.S. to adopt cybersecurity capabilities.

Computer Security Division

We conduct the research, development, and outreach necessary to provide standards and guidelines, mechanisms, tools, metrics, and practices to protect the nation's information and information systems.

Information Access Division

We provide evaluations, measurements and standards to advance technologies related to access to multimedia and other complex information.

Software and Systems Division

We work with industry, academia and other government agencies to accelerate the development and adoption of correct, reliable, testable software, leading to increased trust and confidence in deployed software.

Statistical Engineering Division

The Statistical Engineering Division (SED), founded in 1946, develops and applies statistical and probabilistic methods and techniques supporting research in measurement science, technology, and the production of standard reference materials.