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Advanced Manufacturing Technology Roadmap (MFGTech) Program

About MFGTech Roadmap

The NIST Advanced Manufacturing Technology Roadmap (MFGTech) Funding Opportunity was a competition created to develop technology roadmaps for promising advanced manufacturing clusters and establish new or strengthen existing industry-driven consortia that address high-priority research challenges to grow advanced manufacturing in the United States. The emphasis of this funding opportunity was on technology roadmapping in areas of critical interest to the nation, including technology areas appropriate for potential future Manufacturing USA institutes.

A total of $3.9 million was awarded to 13 organizations to develop technology roadmaps over an 18-month period of performance.

Future Industries



Federal Funds

Quantum Technology Manufacturing

SRI International


Roadmap for Cellular Agriculture: Initiative for Convergent-Manufacturing of Agriculture and Food Equity (I-CAFE)

Board of Regents, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Consortium for Advanced Space Manufacturing

University of New Hampshire






Federal Funds

5G/6G mmWave Materials and Electrical Test Technology

International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative, Inc. 


Manufacturing Roadmap for Heterogeneous Integration and Electronics Packaging

The Regents of the University of California, Los Angeles


Next Generation Electric Machines and Systems for Clean Emissions (Next Electric)

University of Houston


Microelectronic and Advanced Packaging Technology (MAPT)

Semiconductor Research Corporation



Supply Chain Resilience



Federal Funds

Freeze-Thaw and Aseptic Drying Technology Roadmap for Pharma/Biotech Manufacturing

Purdue University


Developing a Roadmap to Strengthen the U.S. Manufacturing Supply Chain via the Digital Thread

Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing



Revitalizing Traditional Industries



Federal Funds

Roadmap for Accelerating Production of Large Structures and Systems

Edison Welding Institute, Inc.


AI-Enhanced Multimodal Sensing of Materials and Process for Complete Product of Lifecycle Performance

Case Western Reserve University


Advanced Technologies for Digitalization of Construction Industry

American Society for Testing and Materials


Iron and Steel Manufacturing: Revolutionizing U.S. Global Leadership for a Sustainable Industrial Supply Chain

Association for Iron & Steel Technology


Created July 27, 2022, Updated July 28, 2022