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Advanced Manufacturing Technology Roadmap (MFGTech) Program

About MFGTech Roadmap

The NIST Advanced Manufacturing Technology Roadmap (MFGTech) Funding Opportunity was a competition created to develop technology roadmaps for promising advanced manufacturing clusters and establish new or strengthen existing industry-driven consortia that address high-priority research challenges to grow advanced manufacturing in the United States. The emphasis of this funding opportunity was on technology roadmapping in areas of critical interest to the nation, including technology areas appropriate for potential future Manufacturing USA institutes. 

A total of $4.2 million was awarded to 14 organizations to develop technology roadmaps over an 18-month period of performance.

Topical Areas

The roadmaps are categorized into topical areas. Click to learn more about the projects:

Icon of an electrode with the phrase "Microelectronics" below
Icon with boxes on a pallet with the phrase "Supply Chain Resilience" below.
Icon of futuristic person with phrase "Future Industries" below.
Green icon of a crane hook lifting a load. Text below reads "Revitalizing Traditional Industries"





Click to see a complete list of partners for each roadmap project.  

Map of the United States depicting which states have MfgTech partners.

Contact Information

For more information on any of these grants, please send an email to ManufacturingUSA [at] (subject: MfgTech%20Roadmap%20-%20%5BSpecific%20Project%5D) (ManufacturingUSA) with "MfgTech Roadmap - [specific project]" in the subject line.




Created August 3, 2022, Updated February 23, 2023