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Assessor Training


NVLAP periodically conducts training workshops for assessors with the objectives of ensuring that 1) NVLAP assessors are kept informed of the latest developments in laboratory accreditation and evolving procedures and requirements, 2) assessors have an opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other, 3) NVLAP is in compliance with international standards for accreditation bodies, and 4) NVLAP employs a harmonized approach to accreditation requirements and assessor practices. NVLAP's assessor training program is consistent with the guidelines found in ILAC-G11:07/2006, ILAC Guidelines on Qualifications and Competence of Assessors and Technical Experts, and ILAC-G3:08/2012, Guidelines for Training Courses for Assessors Used by Laboratory Accreditation Bodies.

NVLAP may also deliver assessor training through other methods such as teleconferences, webinars, small group sessions, self-study, and one-on-one interactions with assessors. 

Currently, NVLAP is conducting assessor training within each program on the revised requirements in ISO/IEC 17025:2017, General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories

For additional information regarding these training opportunities, contact nvlap [at] (subject: ISO%2FIEC%2017025%3A2017%20training) (nvlap[at]nist[dot]gov)




Created February 6, 2014, Updated May 3, 2018