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Apply for NVLAP Accreditation


A laboratory may apply for accreditation in any of the NVLAP Accreditation Programs listed on this page. Accreditation is available to public and private testing and calibration laboratories, including commercial laboratories; manufacturers' in-house laboratories; university laboratories; and federal, state, and local government laboratories. A laboratory located outside the United States may be accredited if it meets the same requirements as domestic laboratories and pays the additional expenses associated with the on-site assessment.

Information required to complete the application process includes general information about the laboratory, contact information, management system documentation, requested scope of accreditation, and payment information. An applicant laboratory must designate an Authorized Representative to commit the laboratory to fulfill the NVLAP Conditions for Accreditation (see NIST Handbook 150, Annex C).

Requirements documents

Each applicant should thoroughly review the NVLAP accreditation requirements in NIST Handbook 150:2020, NVLAP Procedures and General Requirements before applying for accreditation. NIST Handbook 150 presents the basic procedures under which NVLAP operates and the general requirements for accreditation of testing and calibration laboratories.

NVLAP also publishes Program-Specific Handbooks containing the procedures and technical requirements that are specific to a particular accreditation program. These handbooks are published as part of the NIST Handbook 150 series and supplement the information contained in NIST Handbook 150.

Additional information about a specific laboratory accreditation program (LAP) may be viewed by clicking on the name of the program in the list at the right.

How to apply

In just a few steps, a new applicant laboratory can begin the application process using the NVLAP Interactive Web System (NIWS) — the web-based application used by laboratories to submit their applications and transact other business electronically.

To begin:

  1. Complete the interactive fillable General Application Form by entering the requested information in each highlighted box or field. 
  2. To save the form, you must have the latest version of the Adobe Reader software installed on your computer. This software is freely available from the Adobe Reader website.*

    The laboratory's Authorized Representative (AR) must sign on page 4 to attest that the information in the application is correct and to commit the laboratory to fulfill the Conditions for Accreditation.
  3. Send the completed General Application Form to nvlap [at]
  4. Upon receipt of the signed form, NVLAP will create user credentials and email an acknowledgment to the AR, containing user account information and instructions for completing the remaining application steps through the NIWS.

NVLAP appreciates your feedback as we roll out new and improved services. For assistance, contact NVLAP by phone at (301) 975-4016 or email at nvlap [at]

* Software is identified in order to assist users of this information service. In no case does such identification imply recommendation or endorsement by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.




Created May 30, 2013, Updated December 20, 2021