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In accordance with ISO/IEC 17011 and NIST Handbook 150, NVLAP employs a formal system to address complaints, which includes procedures for determining the validity of complaints, taking appropriate and effective actions, responding to complaints, and record-keeping.

A complaint concerning a NVLAP-accredited laboratory should first be addressed by the laboratory against which the complaint is lodged. Follow up with NVLAP should be done only after the laboratory’s completed process yields an unsatisfactory result. 

When receiving the complaint, NVLAP maintains the identity of the complainant in confidence, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Complaints lodged against the activities of NVLAP or a NVLAP-accredited laboratory, can be sent to nvlap [at] (nvlap[at]nist[dot]gov) and should include a description of the issue(s) and any supporting documentation. The complainant is contacted upon review of the complaint submission.


Created November 22, 2022